Friday, February 8, 2013

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Starting Out


Hey, Brownie Fans!  This is my first blog and I just wanted you to know what I've got going for you!


I'm having a show (you can watch it on youtube once I start) for, like, the news on woozworld and for Famous Woozen interviews.  I really want you to come, because I'll be having people like Ripleyw, and JennyWooz on there.  Each time somone new comes, I'll change the setting to look like them or something.  So JennyWooz would pink and tourquoise/blue, and Riplew would be whatever her store color is.  xD   So I have that for you ...



I'm also doing cheerleading!  The colors are JennyWooz colors and you can find the dress in the shopz!  If you're auditioning, just wear the dress (or simple shorts and a tank top) and show me if I can keep you or throw you away!  X3  I really want a lot of people on my team, so we can crush the other team!  My friend is making football auditions so if you're a boy, you can tryout for that (and hit on the girls xD)!  Don't worry, all the football players and the cheerleaders are going to come together so we can tell you what to buy for the outfits.  I CANT WAIT!!

Thanks for your time, and add me!  Mix-o-Mix    X3